MasterCard Foundation Program Partner Appreciates the Career Center of INES-Ruhengeri

29 May 2024

On May 28, 2024, the Career Advisory and Professional Development project at INES-Ruhengeri, sponsored by the MasterCard Foundation, celebrated its successful conclusion. Rizinde Ben, Program Partner at the MasterCard Foundation, delivered a keynote speech that highlighted the critical role of career advisory and professional development in shaping Rwanda's future workforce.

Ben began by reiterating the MasterCard Foundation's ambitious vision: to enable 300,000 young people in Rwanda, particularly young women, to secure dignified and fulfilling work by 2030. He stressed the importance of investing in education and skills, emphasizing that these investments are key to unlocking the potential of young people and driving economic growth. 

“We believe that knowledge and skills obtained from the Career Advisory and Professional Development Center will help you uphold your digital, professional, and life skills to find and create meaningful growth opportunities,” Ben stated. 

Since its inception in March 2023, the project has made significant strides in preparing students for their careers, including guiding student entrepreneurs in developing and realizing their business ideas to contribute to the local economy and job creation, equipping students with essential skills needed to thrive in today’s competitive job market, and offering comprehensive career guidance and mentorship, helping students confidently navigate their career paths.

A standout event was the Business Idea Pitch Competition held in August 2023, where six entrepreneurs established operational offices, creating jobs and meeting client needs. This success story exemplifies the transformative impact of education, entrepreneurship, and strategic partnerships. 

In his address, Ben expressed deep appreciation for the Rwandan government and the Ministry of Education for their substantial investments in education, which have fueled the nation's economic growth. He also commended INES-Ruhengeri for fostering an environment that not only supports learning but also ensures students gain market-relevant skills.

 "To INES-Ruhengeri, you not only create and sustain the conditions in which these students can learn, but you also make sure they gain market-relevant skills to make meaningful contributions in the world of work. Your nurturing is essential to our mutual goal, and we thank you for your commitment to growing the future champions of the economy," Ben said. 

Addressing the students, Ben emphasized the importance of leveraging the knowledge and skills gained from the Career Advisory and Professional Development Center. “Our role as institutions who believe in education is to support you, but how you transform that support into a key element in your next chapter is up to you,” he encouraged. 

Ben concluded his speech by thanking all participants for the opportunity to address them and wished them success in their future endeavors. His remarks underscored the power of education, strategic partnerships, and a shared commitment to nurturing the next generation of leaders and innovators. The Career Advisory and Professional Development project at INES-Ruhengeri stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts in creating sustainable solutions and empowering young people to drive Rwanda’s future.

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