Program's Overview

The programme of statistics Applied to Economy started at INES-Ruhengeri in 2010

This program was designed to produce competent graduates’ executives on the job market who are capable of designing, coordinating researching, providing technical advisors or continuing further studies in their area of specialization. Both females and males, who are able to apply statistical knowledge in understanding and evaluating economic events. It is emphasized that students study major subjects in the field of mathematics, statistics and economics. Great emphasis is put at encouraging participation of both females and males with a particular attention accorded to female students given that general trend of their performance tend to be lower than of their males’ counterparts. These will contribute in achieving the major purpose of establishing empirical link between the three fields, using case studies and project based approaches. Currently the department runs a four-years program where graduates are expected to graduate with bachelor in statistics applied to economy. 

Offered Modules

Year 1
No Module Title No of credits Semester
1 Languages I 10 1
2 Philosophical studies 10
3 Research Skills 10
4 Mathematical Analysis I 10
5 Introduction to Statistics 10
6 Algebra 15
1 Principals of Economics 15 2
2 Accounting 15
3 Management 10
4 Probability Theory 15
Year 2
No Module Title No of credits Semester
1 Inferential Statistics 15 1
2 Applied Statistical computing 15
3 Mathematical analysis II 15
4 Introduction to Demography 10
5 Languages II 10
1 Introduction to Programming 15 2
2 Introduction to Official Statistics 10
3 Econometrics I 10
4 Sampling Methods 15
5 Intermediate Economics 15
Year 3
No Module Title No of credits Semester
1 System of National Accounts 15 1
2 Development Economics 15
3 Stochastic Processes and Time series 15
4 Research Methodology 10
1 Advanced economics 15 2
2 GIS and Spatial Statistics 10
3 Project Planning and Management 10
4 Operation Research 10
5 Internship 15
Year 4
No Module Title No of credits Semester
1 Monitoring and Evaluation 10 1
2 Economics and Social Statistics 10
3 Entrepreneurship 10
4 Multivariate Analysis 15
5 Advanced Econometrics 15
1 Internship 15 2
2 Dissertation 15

Entry Requirements


. PCM: Physics - Chemistry – Mathematics;

· MPG: Mathematics - Physics - Geography

· MPC: Mathematics – Physics - Computer Sciences

· PEM: Physics – Economics - Mathematics

· MEG: Mathematics - Economics - Geography

· MCB: Mathematics - Chemistry - Biology,

· MPB: Mathematics-Physics-Biology,

· MCE: Mathematics-Computer Science-Economics,

· TTC/Science & Math Option,

A prospective student to enroll in the first year in Bachelors of Science with Honors in Statistics Applied to Economy must have successfully completed secondary school level at least 2 principal pass and having majored at least in the above combinations

Required documents

Identification Card (ID card)

Secondary school Diploma

Passport photo


And any other related discipline where Mathematics is taught at least 3 hours per week may apply for this option.

Exit and Career Profile

Graduates possess a comprehensive understanding in Mathematics, Statistics, Micro economy, Macro economy, Public Finance, Management and accounting.

Analysis and interpretation of statistical information collected and draw conclusions, writing surveys reports, scanning an environment and draw opportunity for the creation of a business. 

Using statistical software (SPSS, E-Views, STATA, R) to describe socio-economic phenomena and to predict their evolution in future, managing surveying activities.

Career Profile: With knowledge, skills and attitudes, the graduates can competently perform as: Statistician data manager (in Enterprises and public organisms, Banks, Offices of consultancy,), data base development expert, Data analyst, Research methodology designer, planner, controller and coordinator in research centres, advisor in statistics (presentation, interpretation) management.

Contacts of the Head of Department

Names: Dr. UWILINGIYIMANA Charline
Tel: +250788284814