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You have made a great decision in choosing to study at INES- RUHENGERI. Here are the main hints which can guide you from home to the classroom Read More
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What learners say about INES


The best advice I can offer to people who are students or aspire to be students is, study what you love and intern in what you want to do. And I think it’s okay to pivot as many times as you need to. Completing my internship at INES Ruhengeri personally gave me experience in the career field I want to pursue as well as also prepare me for what to expect in my field and increase confidence in my work.
INES Ruhengeri’s programs aim to equip students with skills, knowledge, attitude and value necessary to shape and embrace the future with their academic programs designed to let prospects know what they can expect from different programs in terms of their exit profiles i.e. What they are able to do at the completion of the program.

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