Program's Overview

The department of French-English with Education was set up to train highly qualified teachers by providing them within-depth knowledge and practice of French and English systems, cultures and communication functions. In addition to that the department aims at reinforcing research and entrepreneurship in the area of language learning by setting up language learning centers in the community to foster national and international communication competence and performance.

Apart from the knowledge and skills in the areas of French and English, the graduates  from the department of French-English with Education are also equipped with relevant knowledge and skills in the area of Education, psychology, counseling, educational research so to mention but a few. These subjects enable them to become professional teachers at secondary school level.

Offered Modules

Year 1
No Module Title No of credits Semester
1 Communication Skills 10 1
2 Introduction To English language and Linguistics 20
3 Introduction à la langue Française 20
4 ICT and Research skills 10
5 Language Skills Development 15
6 Language Contrastive Studies 10
7 Introduction to Cognitive Studies 15
1 Overview of world literature 10 2
2 Panorama de la littérature française 10
3 Foundations of education 15
4 Educational orientations 15
5 Philosophical Studies and Ethics 10
Year 2
No Module Title No of credits Semester
1 Langue Française et institutions 20 1
2 English Language Structure 15
3 Applied Linguistics 15
4 Structure de la langue francaise 15
5 Educational Policy 15
1 English Literature 15 2
2 Grammaire et expression française approfondies 20
3 Educational Evaluation 15
4 Educational Planning and technology 10
5 Language and Society 15
Year 3
No Module Title No of credits Semester
1 Internship 100 1
2 Dissertation 20
1 Meaning and Use of Language 15 2
2 Sens et Usage de la langue française 15
3 English Language Teaching Methodology 15

Entry Requirements


A prospective student to enroll in the first year of Bachelor’s of Education with Honors in French- English must have successfully completed secondary school level with at least 2 principal passes and having majored at least in the following cluster combinations:

-English - French - Kinyarwanda

-English - Kiswahili - Kinyarwanda

-Literature - Kinyarwanda - Kiswahili

-TTC/Languages option

-Teaching Modern Languages

-Normale Primaire, 

And any other related discipline can apply for this option

Required documents

A certified copy of secondary studies’certificate or Results slip, certified academic transcripts for transferred from other higher learning institutions or universities in related domains (For courses to be accepted for transfer, a student must have attained more than 10 points, and credit transfer shall not exceed 50% of core courses, and Transferrable credits shall be written on his/her transcripts on completion of his/her studies at INES RUHENGERI). Furthermore, notified Equivalence for international students and for those who studied abroad, photocopy of ID or Passport, two passport photos, medical insurance must be provided for admission.

Exit and Career Profile

Upon completion of their studies, graduates from the Department of French-English with Education are competent and capable of teaching English and French in secondary schools and language centres. These competent and perfect bilinguals are also able to be successful in the areas of editing, interpersonal and mass communication, literary writing and criticism just to name a few.

Contacts of the Head of Department

Names: Dr NTAKIYIMANA Jean Felix Aimable
Tel: +250727125227/+250788471577