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Dr. TWIZERE Moussa
Head of Department
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Entry profile

One of the missions of INES-Ruhengeri is to train students in applied sciences. In the aim of strengthening capacity building in polytechnic domains and after benchmarking with different programs offered in other European, American and African universities, INES- Ruhengeri wants to start the training programme of Civil Engineers who can be competitive nationally, regionally and internationally.

As Civil Engineers are internationally recognized as tough mathematics and physics users, candidates for civil engineering department at INES-Ruhengeri must be laureates from secondary schools who have done at least six hours of mathematics and four hours of physics in the all three years of second cycle of secondary schools with moderates or high knowledge in both French and English. He/she must pass at test of mathematics and physics before being admitted in the department.
Exit profile and number of years and Degree awards

The Department of civil engineering has developed a program covering four (4) years of undergraduate courses for students to successfully complete the Civil Engineering program. The first two years cover the general sciences (Math, chemistry, and physics) and basic engineering courses that students will need to complete the civil engineering programme. The Department defined the profile of the graduate in Civil Engineering as the following:

  • 1. The graduate engineer will work in project design, i.e. in the initial conception and design of civil engineering projects.
  • 2. He/she will work towards improving existing techniques and developing appropriated technologies nationally, regionally and globally.
  • 3. He/she will be versatile in the domain of civil engineering and will be able to design and mange construction projects, bridges, highways and hydraulics. He will be able to easily specialize according to market needs and demands.
  • 4. He/she will be competitive, nationally and internationally.
  • 5. He/she will go on to pursuing graduate studies such as a doctorate degree.

Programme structure

 Modules to be covered for the Bachelor of Civil Engineering Program 
Year: 1, Level: 8, Semester: 1 Credits
LAN 8101Languages I0
CIT 8102Basics of Computer Literacy (BCL)0
CIT 8103Computer Programming10
MAT 8104Engineering Mathematics I10
CHE 8105Engineering Chemistry15
PHY 8106Engineering Physics15
CEN 8107Engineering Drawing I10
Year: 1, Level: 8, Semester: 2 Credits
LAN 8208Languages II0
MAT 8209Engineering Mathematics II10
CEN 8210Engineering Geology10
CEN 8211Building Materials10
CEN 8212Engineering Drawing II10
CEN 8213Engineering Mechanics10
CEN 8214Workshop Technology (Masonry, Carpentry, Appropriate Technology & Electrical)10
Year: 2, Level: 8, Semester: 3 Credits
MAT 8315Engineering Mathematics III10
CEN 8316Building Construction & Services10
CEN 8317Fluid Mechanics10
CEN 8318Strength of Materials10
CEN 8319Engineering Surveying I10
CEN 8320Construction Technology10
Year: 2, Level: 8, Semester: 4 Credits
MAT 8421Engineering Mathematics IV10
PHY 8422Basics of Electrical Engineering10
CEN 8423Concrete Technology10
CEN 8424Structural Analysis I10
CEN 8425Engineering Surveying II10
CEN 8426Introduction to GIS & RS10
CEN 8427Surveying Camp (2 weeks)5
CEN 8428Industrial attachment I (8 weeks)5
Year: 3, Level: 8, Semester: 5 Credits
CEN 8529Engineering Hydrology10
CEN 8530Environmental Engineering10
CEN 8531Soil Mechanics10
CEN 8532Highway Engineering10
CEN 8533Structural Analysis II10
CEN 8534Reinforced Concrete Design I10
Year: 3, Level: 8, Semester: 6 Credits
CEN 8635Irrigation & Drainage Engineering15
CEN 8636Computer Aided Building Drawing10
CEN 8637Foundation Engineering10
CEN 8638Transportation Engineering I10
CEN 8639Reinforced Concrete Design II10
CEN 8640Industrial Attachment II (8 weeks)5
Year: 4, Level: 8, Semester: 7 Credits
REM 8741Research Methodology10
CEN 8742Sanitary Engineering10
CEN 8743Design of Steel & Timber Structures10
CEN 8744Bridge Engineering10
CEN 8745Estimating & Costing10
CEN 8746Transportation Engineering II10
Year: 4, Level: 8, Semester: 8 Credits
CEN 8847Construction Management10
CEN 8848Entrepreneurship and Management Skills for Civil Engineers (EMSCE)10
CEN 8849Engineering Ethics & Professional Conduct5
CEN 88**Elective Modules15
CEN 8858Project Work20
Elective modules  Credits
CEN 8850Airport & Railway Engineering5
CEN 8851Prestressed Concrete5
CEN 8852Ground Improvement Techniques Soil5
CEN 8853Advanced Concrete Design5
CEN 8854Industrial Structures5
CEN 8855Prefabricated Structures5
CEN 8856Computer Analysis of Sturctures5
CEN 8857Software Application in Civil Engineering5
Total Credits for the program 490
Practical Works 


1Physics lab 
2Chemistry lab 
3Training Workshop 
4Strength of Materials lab 
5Soil Mechanics lab 
6Structural Engineering lab 
7Environmental Engineering lab 
8Water Resources Engineering lab 
9Mechanics lab 
10Computer Aided drafting lab 
11Surveying lab 
12GIS & RS lab 

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