Languages Center

Nowadays, learning different languages is the doorway to wisdom and international opportunities for everyone.


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About INES Language Center

Language Center is based within INES-RUHENGERI; a private, independent and autonomous Institution of Higher Education built in Rwambogo cell, Musanze Sector, Musanze District in the Northern Province, at about 3 Km from Musanze Town centre on the right side of the main road Musanze-Rubavu. Language Center offers about 8 languages courses starting from beginner to advanced level.

Aims of Languages Center

INES-Ruhengeri Languages Center has been opened to everyone for the following aims:
  • To improve their language proficiency through four skills known as speaking, writing, listening and reading.
  • To foster its students' second language skills and well-founded confidence in order to broaden their perception and interaction with the world.

What to Know about the Languages Center