Master of Applied Criminal Law



Providing a holistic analysis of the criminal process through an analysis of the law, its philosophical underpinnings and its operation in practice, this LLM pathway;

Developing practical skills necessary to perform criminal legal research, in-depth analysis, and advanced practice in criminal law related career;

Offering the opportunity for broad or deeply specialized study within an innovative research-led teaching environment;

To attain a broad overview of criminal justice processes, with particular aspects as well as diverse underpinning theories, policing, health aspects of criminal justice or indeed  nternational/national aspects of law enforcement co-operation;

Equip with research, technical, practical and analytical skills essential for own/student development and for the development of the justice delivery at large.



Experts, professionals, local and international experts who have accomplished in their respective fields from both an academic and practical perspective.

Exit Profile

Such an overview will be of particular interest to those specializing or considering careers in:

  • Criminal investigation,
  • Criminal prosecution
  • Criminal representation
  • Social protection (Child protection child and International criminal law and criminal other vulnerable persons
  • Security
  • Human rights and humanitarian affairs
  • Criminal politics
  • Academics students for advance education (PhD) in criminal justice
  • International criminal jurisdictions
  • International criminal law and criminal procedure;

Topic to be covered

1. Advanced Research Methodology

2. General Principles of Criminal Law

3. Restorative Justice: Domestic and International

4. Approaches

5. Criminal evidence and proof

6. Human Rights and Criminal Justice

7. Global crime problems

8. Applied Criminal Procedure

9. Issues in Criminal Law and Criminal Justice

10. Applied Criminology

11. Child Law in Comparative Perspectives

12. Law enforcement

13. International Criminal Law

14. Ethics of criminal law and criminal justice

15. Forensic Science and criminal investigation

16. Thesis dissertation


Entry requirements

Bachelor’s degree in Law.

Further information:

Contact: 0788585092