Master of Science in Software Engineering

                    Master of Science in Software Engineering

      Master of Science in Software Engineering

 At the end of the program, Graduate will be well prepared for different roles involved in the development of software such as developers, testers, quality manager, software architect, project manager, as well as for further studies at the university.

Therefore, after successfully completing the program, he/she will be able to apply to roles such as project manager, developer, tester, and quality manager, etc. in a wide variety of industries.

           Admission criteria

Ø  Holding a bachelor's degree or equivalent in the following fields: information technology, computing science/Engineering, software engineering, Business Information Technology, Electronics and telecommunication engineering.

Ø  Having passed at least two programming modules with a score above 60% in the bachelor’s programme.

Ø  Students should have their own laptops with minimum specifications as recommended by the institute.