Research and capacity building projects (Completed & Ongoing)

  1. Predicting the risk of SARS-Cov2 infection and co-morbidity and Reducing Socioeconomic Impacts: Identification of high risk population. This research is supported by the National Council of Sciences and Technologies (NCST). 
  2. EnRHEd (Enhancement of Rwandan higher education in strategic fields for sustainable growth) this project has funded by Erasmus+ (European Commission) it’s consortium of University of Parma (Italy), University of Liège (Belgium), Rheinische Fachhochschule University of Applied Science Cologne – RFH (Germany), UR, INES-Ruhengeri, IPRC Musanze and UTAB. The project will impact in Capacity building, Internationalization, New programs development, Revision of existing programs, use of IT in teaching and learning.
  3. Land slides and flood hazard in North-West Rwanda towards applicable LM vulnerability and disaster risk reduction is funded by ARES, the project brings together Université de Liège, Universi Namir , Misée RoyalMi for Central Africa Turverun, INES-Ruhengeri, UR and IPRC.
  4. Erasmus+: Mobility Programme KA107; Staff and students mobility funded by European Commission in this project INES is partnering with RFH Cologne in exchange and internationalization.
  5. Natural resource and conflict resolution funded by EP/NUFFIC for Capacity building and research where INES is working together with Vrije Univ, Amsteram, GVTC, Search for Common ground.
  6. Construction of dormitories for female students funded by Misereor
  7. ACCESS (African Center for Career Enhancement and Skills Support) is a consortium of universities from 6 African countries and Leipzig University from Germany. It is funded by DAAD. It aims at fostering employability of university graduates.
  8. Its4land Project funded by European Commission through this project INES is working with University of Twente, KU Leuven, Muenster in Internationalization, Capacity building, Use of geospatial technology.
  9. SEALAN: Strengthening the regional EALAN to build capacity in Land Administration and Land Governance in the Great Lakes Regions funded by EP/NUFFIC for Research, capacity building; internationalization among EALAN members.
  10. Hydrological regime and water quality of major influent rivers of Lake Kivu, HYDRILAK+ funded by LKMP where INES and ISP Bukavu are working together in Research and community outreach.
  11. SEISMIC project funded by LKMP where INES and OVG Goma are working together in Research and community outreach.
  12. AGEA (African German Entrepreneurship Academy) is funded by DAAD. It promotes entrepreneurship and cooperation between universities and private sector in Ghana, Rwanda and Germany.
  13. SEAD is funded by EP/ NUFFIC for Capacity building in agriculture
  14. Strengthening academia-industry linkage and research space in the area of Civil Engineering for food security in Sub-Saharan Africa funded by Royal Engineering Academy, the project brings together INES-Ruhengeri, Aberdeen University in UK, University of Botswana, Catholic University of Cameroun and University of Ibadan in Nigeria. 
  15. Assessment of Pesticides Residues on Fresh Tomatoes in Supply Chain in Rwanda (NCST/ERC 1/04) funded by NCST for Promoting research and publication.
  16. Phytochemistry and Anti Bacterial Analyses of Medical Plant in Rwanda (NCST/ERC 1/03) funded by NCST for Promoting research and publication. 
  17. Assessment of Hydro-Meteorological Hazards and Associated Risks for the Urban and Rural Population: Toward and Improved Water and Land Management in Mukungwa and Sebeya Catchments (NCST/ERC 1/02) funded by NCST for Promoting research and publication.
  18. Niche I: food security project, Increasing food security through applied science at INES-Ruhengeri
  19. Niche II: Strengthening Education For Agricultural Development (SEAD) Project
  20. Increasing the quantity and quality in potato seeds value chain in Northern and Southern Provinces of Rwanda (A co-shared project: INES & USAID)
  21. Botanic garden projects
  23. Employment for stability (2015-2017)
  24. The project Umuravumba-Tetradenia riparia
  25. Context appropriate curricula on logistics infrastructure systems for Sub-Saharan Africa; Partners:  University of Birmingham (UK), INES-Ruhengeri (Rwanda),  Malawi University of Science and Technology (Malawi). Funder: Royal Academy of Engineering (UK)
  26. Growing Rwanda Energy Awareness Through highER education; Funder: European Commission through the Erasmus Plus Programme (Project Description)