INES-Ruhengeri Collaboration: MoU Signed with ICPAR and ROLS

08 June 2024

At INES-Ruhengeri, our commitment to empowering students with essential skills and experiences for success remains unwavering. We're thrilled to announce a significant stride in this journey through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with two esteemed organizations: the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Rwanda (ICPAR) and the Rwanda Organization of Land Surveyors (ROLS). This strategic partnership marks a pivotal advancement in enhancing professional development and fostering collaboration within Rwanda's academic and professional circles.

The MoU with ICPAR and ROLS epitomizes our shared commitment to fostering collaboration, innovation, and excellence. By pooling our strengths and expertise, we aim to create impactful initiatives that benefit our students, faculty, and the broader community. Through collective efforts, we address key challenges, drive innovation, and contribute significantly to Rwanda's socio-economic development.

INES-Ruhengeri, as a leading private institution of higher learning in Rwanda, prioritizes providing quality education aligned with 21st-century skills demanded by the job market. Our innovative academic programs and partnerships bridge the gap between academic excellence and industry relevance.

ICPAR, established through parliamentary legislation, plays a crucial role in growing and regulating the accountancy profession in Rwanda. With a focus on professional development and ethical standards, ICPAR empowers finance professionals and contributes to the country's economic resilience.

The Rwanda Organization of Land Surveyors (ROLS) represents professionals in land surveying, playing a pivotal role in land management, development planning, and infrastructure projects across Rwanda. Promoting best practices and standards, ROLS contributes significantly to sustainable development and effective land use.

The partnership with ICPAR and ROLS will focus on key areas of collaboration:

1. Knowledge Exchange: Facilitating knowledge-sharing sessions, workshops, and seminars to enhance professional development and industry-relevant skills.

2. Practical Training: Identifying opportunities for practical training, internships, and hands-on experiences to prepare students for job market demands.

3. Ethical Standards: Promoting ethical behavior, integrity, and compliance with industry standards to cultivate a culture of professionalism and excellence.

4. Career Development: Providing career guidance, mentorship, and support to help students navigate their career paths and achieve professional goals.

5. Research and Innovation: Collaborating on research projects, initiatives, and innovations that address industry challenges and contribute to sectoral growth.

The signing of this MoU is a significant milestone in our continuous efforts to enhance education quality, professional development, and industry collaboration at INES-Ruhengeri. We're excited about the opportunities this partnership will create for our stakeholders and eagerly anticipate working closely with ICPAR and ROLS to achieve shared objectives and drive positive change in Rwanda's professional landscape.

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