• INES-Ruhengeri warmly welcomed the new International Students

INES-Ruhengeri warmly welcomed the new International Students

On Friday, 20th May 2022, the General Assembly of the International Students took place at INES-Ruhengeri, the Africa’s Icon of Applied Sciences. It was also the opportunity to warmly welcome the newcomers from several countries.

International Students enjoying their stay at INES-Ruhengeri (photo/Vedaste)

In fact, thanks to the wise choice of becoming a University of Applied Sciences, the name of INES-Ruhengeri has grown beyond the borders. The total number of students is 3552 with 227 international students from 15 African countries.

INES-Ruhengeri has 227 international students from 15 African countries (photo / Vedaste)

In his welcome remarks, the Vice-Chancellor of INES-Ruhengeri, Father Dr. Hagenimana Fabien underlined some hints for Education 4.0, which means education aligned with the 4th industrial revolution geared to transforming the future of education using advanced technology and automation.

“As you can see, artificial intelligence, the internet of things, nanotechnology, renewable energy, automation, and biotechnology are the drivers of the skills of the future. Whatever program you may have undertaken, this is the new face of the jobs for the future. In every program, see how to link up with these driving skills”, Vice-Chancellor advised the students.

Father Dr. Hagenimana Fabien, Vice-Chancellor of INES-Ruhengeri  advising the students (photo/ Vedaste)

The Vice-Chancellor went on saying that the students should have well-grounded reasons for their choice to study at INES-Ruhengeri. He added that the 5 whys theory can help to be a motivated student who does not just rely on his/her IQ but is driven by emotional intelligence.  

The meeting was also attended by Mr. Ramuli Janvier, Mayor of Musanze District who gave an overview of Musanze District to the students. He thanked them for having chosen to study in Rwanda in general and in Musanze in Particular. He wished them to enjoy their stay in a region of agriculture and tourism where they can find Volcanoes and Gorillas.

Mr. Ramuli Janvier, Mayor of Musanze District speaking (photo/Vedaste)

The international students expressed their feelings and experiences in Rwanda.

“I really appreciate and enjoy this day, I cannot stop thanking INES for welcoming international students and letting them feel at home”, Ms. Murhunzi Binja Aphanie, Tutorial Assistant in Civil Engineering, and former student from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Ms. Murhunzi Binja Aphanie (left) and Ms. Happiness (right) sharing their experiences  (photo/Vedaste)

Her colleague, Ms. Happiness, a student in Masters of Microfinance from Tanzania said that she was excited by being in Rwanda- a beautiful country.

“I am feeling at home. Rwandans are welcoming people and they are social. I even found love here at INES, home of Scientia et Lux”, Mahamat Ahmat Mbodoo Seid, a student from Chad added.

According to the Strategic Plan 2019-2024, INES is eager to become a fully fetched University of Applied Sciences and indeed a role model in the region. The driving keys of the Strategic Plan are digitalization, internationalization, and bridging academia and industry.

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