13th Graduation: over 870 were graduated at INES-Ruhengeri

11 March 2022

On Friday, 11th March 2022, INES-Ruhengeri, the Institute of Applied Sciences, was in a joyful celebration of the 13th graduation of 872 women and men who, despite Covid-19 difficulties have made it possible.

Graduands waiting for being graduated (photo / Vedaste)

While officiating the ceremony, His Lordship Bishop Vincent Harolimana and Chancellor of INES-Ruhengeri called upon all graduates to have good behavior and adequate values wherever they will be working; taking into account INES’ motto “ Scientia et Lux” which means  “ Science and Light”.

Bishop Vincent Harolimana and Chancellor of INES Ruhengeri addressing to the graduates (photo/Vedaste)

Bishop Harolimana Vincent went on mentioning the Institute’s prospectus including the opening of new undergraduate programs as well as Masters’ programs.

“We will go on focusing on research and programs that are aiming to solve the community problems. We will also strive for quality education by recruiting qualified lecturers as well as linking students to industrial attachment among others ”, Bishop Harolimana Vincent.  


In his speech, the Vice- Chancellor of INES Ruhengeri, Fr Dr. Fabien Hagenimana reminded the graduates that they did not study for academic records but for life.

“Please be ready to use all the knowledge, skills and values to live well and contribute to the welfare and economic transformation of our societies“, the Vice- Chancellor of INES Ruhengeri addressing to the graduates.

The key note speaker of the Day, Prof. Alexandre Lyambabaje congratulated INES-Ruhengeri for its academic orientation which strives to meet the needed skills and technologies. “I take this opportunity to encourage INES-Ruhengeri  to keep pursuing the choice of Applied Sciences  as the best way to meet the market dynamism not only locally but also regionally, why not globally”, Prof. Alexandre Lyambabaje.

This point was also underlined by Dr.  Theoneste Ndikubwimana who was representing the Hon. Minister of Education. He highly appreciated that INES-Ruhengeri achieves the traditional threefold mission of a higher learning institution which are: teaching and learning, research and innovation and community engagement.  

Officials from different institutions attended the ceremony (photo/Vedaste)

On behalf of INES Alumni, Mrs. NYAMPUNDU Marthe graduate from INES Ruhengeri said that their dreams have been reality.  “The university studies were a dream to some of us, but today we stand to testify that our dreams have become a reality. For me and fellow graduates of the time, 12 years have passed and it feels like yesterday, now we are realizing that we took the most important decision of our lives which prepared us to make bigger decisions, enabled us to compete on the labor market and perform well our responsibilities in different fields”, Mrs. Nyampundu Marthe - currently working for RP-IPRC Kigali in the office of the Principal testifying.

Mrs. Nyampundu continued requesting her fellow men and women graduates to continue dreaming big because “every great achievement begins with the dream”.

The best performer graduates received awards from different sponsors including Bank of Kigali (photo / Vedaste)

Benson Majok, a master’s graduate from South Sudan congratulated his colleagues who were proud of beautiful gowns and achievement because of their perseverance and hard work. He requested them also to be inspirational to others.  

Among the graduates, 835 are Rwandans while 37 are international students.  Moreover, 464 are males against 408 females. Currently, 148 international students from 15 countries are registered at INES Ruhengeri in different programs and at different levels.

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