INES-RUHENGERI celebrated its intercultural day, 2nd edition

08 March 2023

Friday, 24th February 2023, INES-Ruhengeri celebrated its identity through the intercultural day, 2nd edition.


Students from Gabon  performing their traditional dance (photo/Vedaste)

INES identity exists in the fact that it is a Catholic University, Institute of Applied Sciences, International Community, smart campus, community where hospitality is a key value, and university where much importance is given to values.

This is our identity and we wish that all those who are passing here be marked by this brand”, Fr. Dr. Jean Bosco Baribeshya, Vice-Chancellor of INES-Ruhengeri mentioned in his speech of the day.

Today, we are celebrating science and life by putting our event under the theme of: Science and Light for a bright future”, Vice-Chancellor added

The theme calls upon all students to make a considerable effort in acquiring skills in various science programs and becoming a light for the community.   The mentioned light is strengthened by the values and culture of the students’ respective countries here present.