INES-Ruhengeri BLS Students Visit RFI for Hands-On Experience

18 May 2024

On May 17th, 2024, a team from the Department of Biomedical Laboratory Sciences at INES-Ruhengeri visited the Rwanda Forensic Institute (RFI) to gain hands-on experience in the DNA Forensic Service, Drug/Chemistry Service, and Microbiology Service. This field visit is part of the ongoing collaboration between INES-Ruhengeri and the Rwanda Forensic Laboratory, aiming to enhance practical learning for students.

During the visit, students learned in-depth about the various services provided by each department at RFI. They gained valuable knowledge and expressed their gratitude to both INES-Ruhengeri and the Rwanda Forensic Institute for this opportunity.

Dr. Cedrick Izere, head of the Biomedical Laboratory Sciences department and leader of the team, confirmed the significant impact of this field visit on the quality of education within his department. He emphasized the importance of such practical experiences in enhancing students' understanding and skills.

INES-Ruhengeri, as an institute of Applied Sciences, is dedicated to equipping students with practical, hands-on skills essential for their professional development. This commitment was evident as approximately 40 members, including both students and staff, participated in the enriching field visit, gaining invaluable insights and real-world experience in forensic science.

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