• FAWE Rwanda officially launched INES-Tuseme Club

FAWE Rwanda officially launched INES-Tuseme Club

On Thursday, 16th June 2022, the Forum for African Women Educationists (FAWE-Rwanda)—a local non-governmental organization launched the Tuseme Club at INES-Ruhengeri. “Tuseme” is a Swahili expression meaning “let us speak out” in English.

Tuseme Club is targeting 100 students at INES-Ruhengeri (photo/Vedaste)

The main objective of Tuseme is to boost the ability of girls and boys to take responsibility for making good choices, resist negative pressures and avoid risky behavior”, Mrs. Josephine Kobusingye, Program Officer Scholarship, Mentoring and COE at FAWE Rwanda said during the event.  

Mrs. Josephine Kobusingye requested the students to identify, analyze the problems that affect them and take action to solve them (photo / Vedaste)

Mrs. Josephine Kobusingye went on saying that in Tuseme clubs, boys and girls are taught how to make decisions, think critically and creatively, communicate, build empathy, be assertive and be self-aware.

In fact, Tuseme trains the youth to identify, analyze and understand the problems that affect them, articulate these problems and take action to solve them through drama, poems, songs and creative arts. Girls learn negotiation skills, how to speak out, self–confidence, decision-making and leadership skills. Thus combating serious problems such as peer pressure, early pregnancies, and drug use among the serious ones that are becoming rampant among the youth even at the university level.

Mr. Eric Aime Ikundabayo, Chairperson of INES- Tuseme Club speaking (photo/Vedaste)

Mr. Eric Aime Ikundabayo, Chairperson of INES-Tuseme Club said that they have planned to fight against the use of drugs, and unwanted pregnancies among others. Mr. Eric Aime Ikundabayo is among five students and one Career Counsellor from INES-Ruhengeri who got training of trainers (TOT) that was organized by FAWE Rwanda in January 2022. The Trained students are responsible for recruiting Tuseme club members. The 5 trained students also are responsible for the leadership of the club whereas the Career Counsellor is the Patron of the club. INES-Tuseme Club is targeting 100 students including some FAWE scholars and none FAWE students for the stainability of the club at INES-Ruhengeri.

The trained members in TOT received certificates (photo/Vedaste)

During the launch, students demonstrated what they go through and what is expected of them in preventing or avoiding being victims of abuse. This was through plays, poems, songs, etc.

Students playing a drama aiming to avoid peer pressure (photo/Vedaste)

Initiated at the University of Dar Es Saalam, Tanzania in 1996 and enhanced by FAWE with the gender and life skills components, the Tuseme model is one of FAWE’s flagship programs in the region.

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