Eng. NYIRAJANA Jacqueline

Graduate school: None

Qualification: Master

Area Of Specialization: Highway and Transportation Engineering

Department/Office: Department of Civil Engineering (CE)

Service/Position/Rank: Lecturer

Jacqueline NYIRAJANA holds a Master’s degree in civil and hydraulics engineering from Institut International d’Ingénerie de l’Eau et de l’Environement (2iE) in Bukina Faso and Bachelor’s degree of Civil Engineering from National University of Rwanda (NUR).

She is currently Assistant lecturer at INES-Ruhengeri in the Civil Engineering department under the faculty of Applied Science, teaching the modules of transportation engineering (I & II) and workshop technology in undergraduate program. She has a good professional experience in conducting civil engineering and traffic management related projects and activities.

Her current interests of research are mainly oriented in transportation engineering and urban planning; she supervises undergraduate students’ research projects.

E-mail: njacky01@yahoo.fr;

Tel: +250 782272177.