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  • The University of Hohenheim, Germany: opportunities for collaborations

The University of Hohenheim, Germany: opportunities for collaborations

Dr. Sebastian Romuli is a project manager and a postdoctoral researcher at Institute of

Agricultural Engineering, Tropics and Subtropics Group, University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart,

Germany. The main research areas of the group are in irrigation, postharvest technologies,

biomass valorization and use of renewable energy in agriculture. For more than 20 years, the

research group has been working on various international projects on:

- Development of energy-efficient production systems for high-quality food production

- Mechanical oil extraction of various oilseeds, such as Jatropha, peanut, shea sunflower,

soybean, rapeseed and sesame

- Thermochemical conversion, such combustion, gasification and pyrolysis, as well as

anaerobic fermentation (biogas production) of agricultural wastes

- Development of energy-efficient dryers, such as such as solar-, tunnel-, high-precision-,

and convection for different agricultural products

- Integration of solar energy in agricultural processes, such as irrigation, milling, plant oil

production and cooling

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