Staff Profiles

Names Qualification Rank Area of specialization Bio
Prof. François Nsengiyumva PhD Associate Professor Soil Physics and Geotechnical Engineering View Profile
Eng. TWIZERE Moussa PhD HoD / Lecturer Civil Engineering Structure View Profile
Eng. HARELIMANA Vincent PhD Candidate Assistant Lecturer Geotechnical View Profile
Eng. SIBOMANA Pascal PhD candidate Lecturer Infrastructure and Hydraulic Networks View Profile
Eng. NAHAYO Déogratias PhD candidate Lecturer Water resources & Environmental Engineering View Profile
Eng. NSANZIMFURA Théoneste Master Lecturer Infrastructure and Hydraulic Networks View Profile
Eng. NYIRAJANA Jacqueline Master Lecturer Highway and Transportation Engineering View Profile
UJENEZA Euphrosine Master Assistant Lecturer Industrial Chemistry
Eng. NEMEYABAHIZI Jean Bosco Master Assistant Lecturer Structure Engineering
EMURIAT Julius Emmanuel Master Assistant Lecturer Geotechnical Engineering
BIRORI Jean Master candidate Lab Technician Civil Engineering
Prof Dr.CIAMPOLINI Paolo PhD Professor Electronics and Computer Sciences View Profile
MUNYENTWARI Clément Master Assistant Lecturer Information Technology View Profile
NSENGIYUMVA Emmanuel Master Director Of Academics And Registration Computer Applications
RUKUNDO Eraste Master Assistant Lecturer Internet Systems View Profile
Dr. NSANZIYERA Ange Félix (HoD) PhD HoD / Lecturer GIS and remote Sensing View Profile
MUVUNYI Germain Master Lecturer Geoinformatics View Profile
NKERABIGWI Placide Master Lecturer Geomatics and Surveying View Profile
DUKUZEMARIYA Tharcille Master Lecturer Geomatics and Surveying View Profile
HAKUZWIYAREMYE Noel Master Assistant Lecturer Geomatic Engineering View Profile
RUGIRA Fraterne Master Assistant Lecturer Geo-informatics View Profile
Eng. HABIMANA Jean Pierre Master Assistant Lecturer Geo-information Science for Environment and Sustainable Development (GIS-ESD) View Profile
KUBWIMANA J. de Dieu Master candidate Tutorial Assistant Land Survey
Dr HABYARIMANA Thierry PhD Senior Lecturer Health and life sciences Technologies View Profile
Dr. IZERE Cedrick PhD HoD & Lecturer Biomedical Laboratory Sciences View Profile
YAMUKUJIJE Clémentine Master Assistant Lecturer Biomedical Chemistry View Profile
SEBAHIRE R. Diogène Master Assistant Lecturer Haematopathology
MUKASHEMA Hyacinthe BSc Lab Analyst Biomedical Laboratory Sciences View Profile
Prof. KAMANA Emmanuel PhD Associate Professor Chemical Engineering/Applied Chemistry View Profile
NTWALI Janvier PhD candidate Lecturer Food Technology View Profile
NSANZURWIMO Aimable PhD Senior Lecturer Biology of organisms and ecology View Profile
Dr. NDISANZE Marc Antoine PhD HoD / Senior Lecturer Food Engineering
DUSABUMUREMYI Jean Claude PhD candidate Lecturer Food Biotechnology View Profile
Dr. UWILINGIYIMANA Charline PhD HoD/Senior Lecturer Statistics and Probability
Dr HAGENIMANA Emanuel PhD Dean of FAFS Mathematics
KARAMA Alphonse PhD candidate Lecturer Agricultural statistics
NZAMWITA Vénuste Master Lecturer Mathematics View Profile
Dr MANIRAKIZA Richard PhD Lecturer Real Estate, Valuation and Property Management
BIRARO Mireille PhD Senior Lecturer Land Administration View Profile
IBARINDA M. Benoite Master Assistant Lecturer Valuation and Property Management
Dr TUMUSHERURE Wilson PhD Lecturer Development studies
NKURUNZIZA Fabrice PhD candidate Lecturer Data science View Profile
HABIYAREMYE Sylvestre Master candidate Tutorial Rural Development Economics
Dr MPAKANIYE Jean Paul PhD Dean ESSM & Lecturer Public Finance View Profile
Dr. NIYIBIZI François Xavier PhD Lecturer /HoD Accounting and Finance View Profile
Dr. NSHIMYIMANA Gonzalves PhD Lecturer SMEs Development
Dr. MUHAYIMANA Victoire PhD Lecturer Project Management and Entrepreneurship View Profile
NSANZUMUHIRE UWABASIGAYE Silas PhD Director of Quality Assurance Business Administration-Management View Profile
Prof. BIGIRIMANA Fructuose PhD Dean of Law Faculity International Public Law
Dr NTAKIYIMANA Jean Felix Aimable Masters HoD / Lecturer Education View Profile
NIZEYIMANA Laurent Master Lecturer English Language studies View Profile
BEMEYIMANA Jean Marie Vianney Masters Language Center Coordinator Education Management and Administration View Profile
HORA NDIHANO Happy Norbert BSc Lab Technician Software Engineering
OYEBADEJO ADEWALE Samson Prof Full Professor Histotechnology / Molecular Pathology / Biotechnol
TUYIZERE Straton Masters Assistant Lecturer Highway Engineering and Management
IZABAYO Josette BSc Lab Technician Network Engineering
TUYIZERE Adelaide Masters candidate Lab Technician Industrial IT
IGIRANEZA Lahairoi Bayingana Masters candidate Administrative Assistant Software Engineering
BATAMURIZA Emmeline BSc Tutorial Assistant Land Administration & Management
HABINSHUTI Zachee BSc Hostel Manager Land Survey
DUSABE Angelique Masters Assistant Lecturer Food Science and Biotechnology
MUSHIMIYIMANA Leandrine BSc Tutorial Assistant Food Biotechnology
Dr. NFOR NFOR Nde Nyambi PhD Lecturer Criminal Law
Dr. HABIMANA Theodore PhD HoD & Senior Lecturer Telecommunication Engineering
SHIMIRWA Aline Valerie Masters Assistant Lecturer Computer Science
BAMPORIKI Jean Marie Vianney BSc Tutorial Assistant Education
ISHIMWE Valerie Anne BSc Tutorial Assistant Civil Engineering
SEBAHIRE Felicien Masters-continuing-PhD Assistant Lecturer Environmental Sciences
ALTEMMAMY Mahmoud Masters-continuing-PhD Lecturer Architecture
Dr. MUSABYUMUREMYI Celestin PhD Lecturer Clinical Microbiology
SHEMA Neza BSc Assistant Accountant Accounting
NIYONSABA Valentine BSc Assistant Accountant Accounting
IDUKUNDA Clemence Masters-continuing-PhD Assistant Lecturer Natural Resources Assessment and Management
OGAH OGBOLE Gregory Anthony Masters Lecturer Architecture
MUKUNZI Yvette BSc Tutorial Assistant Food Biotechnology
IYAKAREMYE Victor BSc Tutorial Assistant Architecture
Dr.SINDAYIGAYA Samuel PhD DVCAR Statistics
MUTUYIMANA Samuel BSc Tutorial Assistant Civil Engineering
SEMUKUNZI Vedaste Masters Public Relations Officer International Relations and Diplomacy View Profile
UWAMUNGU Felix A0-continuing Human Resources Officer Law
Dr. HABAKUBAHO Gedeon PhD Director of Research and Postgraduate Studies Condensed matter Physics
BAHUFITE U. Emmanuel Masters candidate DIRPLAN Agricultural and Applied Economics
UJENEZA Faustine BSc Lab Analyst Education (Chemistry)
NDIZEYE Chemi Andrew Masters HoD / Assistant Lecturer Architecture
MBONIMANA Consolee Masters Assistant Lecturer Computer Science
NIYOMUGABA Alexandre Masters Assistant Lecturer IoT and Embedded Systems
UWIMANA Claude Masters in Public Administration Tutorial Assistant Legal manager
Mr. NIYIGENA Flavien Masters Candidate Systems librarian Software Engineering View Profile