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  • Dr. DUHORANIMANA Emmanuel

Profile: Dr. DUHORANIMANA Emmanuel

Dr. Emmanuel Duhoranimana is a Food scientist and researcher with a PhD in Food Science and Technology obtained at Jiangnan University (China), Master’s Degree of Sciences, Technologies and Healthcare; Specialized in Biotechnologies, Agri-food Industry and Nutrition from University of Lorraine (France) and Bachelor of engineering in Food Technology from Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi Ouzu (Algeria). He is mainly engaged in teaching and scientific research in the field of food chemistry, Food colloids including the Encapsulation of functional food ingredients and additives and the regulation of color, aroma, taste, and quality during food processing and storage. He is also working on the development of bioactives delivery systems and micro-nanocapsules. Dr. Duhoranimana is currently working as Lecturer/Head of Department of Biotechnologies in the Faculty of Applied Fundamental Sciences at INES-Ruhengeri. His main focus is industrial applications in the area of food chemistry, food processing and bioprocess engineering.

Dr. Duhoranimana is author of more than 25 papers in SCI journals with good impact factor and citations ( and he has been awarded the Chinese Government Presidential Scholarship Prize as outstanding international student (2014).

Dr. Duhoranimana after his PhD degree in 2018, He has worked in AAFUD INDIUSTRY (ZHUHAI) CO., LTD as R&D, International Trade & Marketing Officer in charge of research and development of new products (food flavors, natural food colors and food ingredients); production and quality control and also evaluation of food ingredient market in Africa, marketing and trade of food ingredients. In 2019 he continued his work in AAFUD INDIUSTRY (NIGERIA) CO., LTD as R&D and Supply Manager in charge of research and development of food ingredients, coordinate the production, quality control and safety, and the supply of various products, commodities and equipment.

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