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Profile: NSANZURWIMO Aimable

Nsanzurwimo Aimable holds a MSc. degree from Liège University (Belgium) and a PhD candidate in Biology at the University of Koblenz-Landau. He did a postgraduate program in Learning, Teaching and Education (PGCLTHE), UR, College of Education.

He is currently assistant lecturer  and Head of the Department of Biotechnologies at INES-Ruhengeri. Aimable Nsanzurwimo is highly experienced in several research programs. He did surveys of the Biodiversity of the Eastern galleries of Rwanda, assessed the impact of ecotourism and other human activities to the plant diversity of the volcano national park in Rwanda and checked for the distribution of Orchidaceae of the Volcano national park.

Aimable has an enormous expertise in plant diversity, taxa and families of Rwanda and the Albertine Rift and has published different research results in conferences and in different journals. His current research interests are in Biology of Organisms and Ecology.


Tel: +250787774088.